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Partners in Flight PIF Stewardship Award

For all the hard work at Las Brisas Nature Reserve, Erick Berlin received an individual Partners in Flight (PIF) Stewardship Award. Thank you Becky Keller for accepting the award on his behalf.

Here is an excerpt of the news article by Carol Beidleman:


ERICK BERLIN, Owner/Manager of the private Las Brisas Nature Reserve in Costa Rica, received an individual PIF Stewardship Award for his restoration of vital stopover habitat for two of PIF’s highest priority bird species, the Cerulean Warbler and Golden-winged Warbler. Erick, a US-born citizen who has resided in Costa Rica for four decades, created Las Brisas, and his careful stewardship efforts have resulted in an accelerated regeneration of native forest, making the area the most significant stopover site discovered for the Cerulean Warbler to date. Becky Keller, Science Coordinator, Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture, accepted the award on Erick’s behalf. Emily Jo Williams and Greg Butcher are also pictured.



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