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Bird Monitoring Program

During our first ten days of bird banding at Las Brisas Nature Reserve as part of our bird monitoring program, we caught an impressive assortment of birds, 209 individuals of 53 different species. Part of our success has been due greatly to the use of canopy nets. Most bird monitoring programs run nets at ground level, but we have implemented nets which we raise well up in the air amidst the tres, allowing us to catch birds that do not come down to ground level, giving us an incredible opportunity to study them. Spectacular tanagers such as Emerald, Bay-headed, Silver-throated, Rufoous-winged, Golden-hooded and Black-and-yellow are breathtaking indeed, but none were rival to a dull, brownish flycatcher we managed to catch, the Royal Flycatcher. Although it is overall dull, it has a concealed crest which blows anyone’s mind if it raises it, but this rarely happens…unless you have it in the hand.

Being the first week of September at Las Brisas, we are also hoping to catch Cerulean Warblers, and we were successful at catching four young males.

If you would like to see a complete list of the species we banded, click HERE.

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