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Las Brisas is a private nature reserve located on the Central Volcanic Range of Costa Rica, on the north eastern slopes of Turrialba Volcano, Limon province, in an area known as the Caribbean Foothills. 

Las Brisas Nature Reserve | Costa Rica |

 In Costa Rica this area is well known for its amazing biodiversity, and Las Brisas takes it to its maximum  expression.  Las Brisas is exceptionally diverse mainly due to a combination of elevation (one section is at 250m, and the main section between 650-1030m.a.s.l.), topography and geographical location.


The reserve is located on a continuous slope from the highlands of Volcan Turrialba down to the Caribbean lowlands which allows for a combination of species from both areas, and in the case of birds, altitudinal migration.  It is bordered to the south by the Reventazon River valley which provides influence from Costa Rica's Central Valley and the Talamanca mountain range.  The topography of Las Brisas struts out a little further from the main part of the mountain range, making it a "trap" for migratory birds. 

Las Brisas Nature Reserve in Costa Rica | Nature trails

The Reserve is mainly used by researchers, we have it possible for researchers to access a habitat that is poorly understood and endangered.

Las Brisas Nature Reserve in Costa Rica | Nature trails | Canopy Platforms


Habitat diversity also has a lot to do with the Reserve's richness in species.  It has a mosaic of old growth, secondary and early succession forest, scrub, open areas and ponds, as well as several small rivers and creeks.


Las Brisas Nature Reserve has a well established and well maintained trail system.  Several platforms have been set in trees, allowing visibility and better access to the upper parts of the forest for research and observation.

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